Local SEO Guide: Ranking factors that may be useful for your business

In the world of digital marketing, the success of your business depends on the traffic to your website and other online resources. Like in the real world, traffic to your website comes from position, location, location ... but instead of the actual location, your traffic is significantly affected by where your position is in search engine results.

In short, the more you appear on the page for a relevant keyword, the more traffic you get.

Why is traffic important?

Easy. The more people who visit your site or view your information online, the more chances you have to increase your sales. If you’re at the bottom of the list, it means your competitors can capture more “mind shares” and you lose. Thus, attaining high rank is universal.

So what are some things that will help some of your companies show up higher in search results?

Local SEO Guide for Business

Let's talk a little bit about how Google search engine works.

It was used about backlinks (how many sites are linked to your site) and social signals (how much has been said about your site's social media). This is still important, but the city has a new player that is changing search results.

Google AI (RankBrain) has changed the look of search. This program is constantly working to find out more about the intent behind the searches.

For example, it can tell the difference between your search for traditional themed pizza ingredients as opposed to pizzas found in your area and change the results accordingly. This allows searchers to use natural language questions and get reasonable shots to get the right answers from Google.

It’s not enough to just have one word. Your website needs answers from relevant searchers so that you can help them. You need to show through your web presence (which links, your web pages, and (increasingly) your social media channels) that you have answers.

You recently searched for a question and then there was a box at the top with an answer and a link to a page. This is a new feature called a rich snippet. If Google AI thinks a small portion of a page on your website can answer a question directly, it can shoot you directly above everything else. Similar questions can only end in a section below for related questions. This is all nice place to aim for a placement. The way to do this is to preview the questions your customers are asking for your pages, to answer them.

Here are some things you want to make sure when doing search engine optimization on your pages. Combine these with the good question and answer sections, and you can see that organic search results can rise to the top of one of your pages:

Keywords in the page title.

Meta description keywords.

All images are tagged with relevant keywords.

Content that is not thin (low word count) or keyword stuffing.

Good use of content split titles.

Use headers defining questions that may be searched for by your customers.

These are elements that are easy to control and can be picked up when you run an SEO audit (example).

However not all SEO elements can be controlled.

For example, most Google search pages have been around for years. Age is a major factor in search engine placement. Although you are not able to easily control the age of your domain, you have control over the other aspects mentioned above. If you are really unsure about how you can find the highest SEO value for your website, contact an SEO professional and they should be able to help - they specialize in visibility.

2- Google my business :

Another thing you may notice in your searches is the business information on the right. To get a place in these you need to sign up a service for your business Google My Business.

One of the key items to check off on Google My Business is the local SEO audit checklist. Why? Because Google relies on businesses that don't trust businesses more than those registered with Google. It realizes that this will give more priority to the person who has signed up to play according to the rules on their playground.

Fortunately, signing up with Google My Business is relatively easy.

It's free and all you have to do is enter your location information, verify it and add some pictures of your building to your profile. With the information you provide more thoroughly, you'll be able to easily help Google find people who are looking for your proposal. Again, Google is looking for relevance in searching beyond a keyword match. You'll make it easier for Google searchers ... the more they reward you with higher rankings.

With small businesses trying to get off the ground with a physical presence, this is the number one way to start aiming. It may take quite a while for your website to climb search rankings but a Google My Business account can get you put on the map right away.

3- Business Guide

Google is not the only game in my business city when it comes to ranking your business at the top of search engines.

Adding your space to other directories like Scream, Foursquare, and the claim is also considered by search engines to be trusting these sites because it contributes to your ranking.

Listing with a directory can also play a part in your ranking because the directory may be ranked higher than your site. In other words, you are leveraging their marketing team to work for you and expand your reach in their process.

When you're listed with Google My Business and other directories, make sure all static entries are the same. This eliminates the possibility of Google or other directories that you are a separate company. Each time the entry (or quote) is different and it is considered different, the impact of your brand is submerged to a lesser extent.

4- Facebook and social signals

Good to use directories and indexes, but that's just a piece of the puzzle. Your company has a social media arm, where if you are a B2C company it is extremely beneficial to be present.

Social signals (like Facebook, Twitter, or other social channels mentioned above) are taken into account by search engines. Basically, every time someone talks about your company (whether for good or for bad) but it adds a drop to your company's online legitimacy and presence bucket ... which Google loves.

Encourage others who come into your business to talk about your service to others. Well, however, create an exceptional or extraordinary experience and they will talk to others about what you are talking about.

The search engine ranking you get is just the end result of a long process as a subtle process.

Using Google My Business, striving for rich snippet placements, improving local citations and social signals, and other space factors, including elements that go into the mix. Experiment with these factors and you can simply find the secret elements needed to get to the goal.



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