Instagram Analysis: Measure Your Success

When you upgrade your Instagram account to your business profile, you'll be provided with analytics tools (Instagram Insights) to measure your Instagram success.

Each post and story gets its own metrics and you can also retrieve statistics for your followers (in terms of location, hours and days they are most active in Instagram, gender and age distribution) and the way they interact with your content. The visual factor is strong so you can get an overview of your engagement at a glance.

The screenshots above show some of the features of a business profile with insights: your profile page tells you how many unique visits you've received in the last 7 days, the number of attachments (likes, comments, saved items) to a post, and the global reach of that post.

You can also use Google Analytics This hack works on your Instagram marketing plan to measure how much referral traffic from Instagram to your blog and how it has increased since you started. You will see the percentage and number of referral traffic from Instagram growth.

Finally, as you explained in the article you wrote in May, you can manually collect information on social media and blog metrics.

Contains information you want to collect from Instagram:






Overall engagement (most likes / comments / visible clicks and most connected times of the day)

Conversion (increase sales / downloads / page view from you sharing branded content on Instagram)

Return monthly to your spreadsheet or at the end of a promotion / communication campaign to see what changes have been made to your efforts.



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