How to boost your Instagram followers?

In June 2016, Neil Patel published an interesting infographic on how he earned his first 1,000 followers.

Infographic reports interesting statistics, including 4.21% following Instagram - much higher than Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to the advice already given in the post you are reading, below is the essence of the Blue Guide:

You have at least 7 pictures up before you start promoting your Instagram channel

Connect your Instagram account to Facebook for greater coverage

Like many posts from other Instagrammers and write those comments in the comments

Post a feed to Instagram posts (via hashtags) on your site

Sunday post for more joining

Last but not least, publishing your life and personal images will better pay for your efforts (resources and blogging events will be your bread and butter on Instagram)

In fact, the best content you can publish on Instagram is related to social events, lifestyle photos, and any scenes and everyday content that engages people.

Aaron Lee from Post Planner posted a case study on the growth of their Instagram followers, and you will notice that most of the advice reflects the points discussed in this post.

A notable suggestion from Lee's post:

Sometimes businesses try to create their own hashtags, which usually doesn't work. If your business doesn't follow huge size, just use popular hashtags like #TBT, #PhotoPhoto and #Love to promote your posts.

He advises you to run a contest to increase a good idea, engagement and exposure once a loyal follower (at least 100 users).

I can still add that you can create your own hashtag but always associate it with popular and relevant hashtags that will help it reach exposure. You’ve already read the same advice in this post from interviewers quoted in previous points, although their experience with hashtags is somewhat different.

At #XTNX you learned that communities and Facebook groups help you network and count your followers naturally through interactions and relationships. Sheila Flores, I have cited more than once in this article, is one of the most successful instructors using Facebook groups for their success - in fact, I met her on Instagram Posse Group (mentioned in # 9). As of September 9, his @chem account counts 2016k + followers.

As a tip, I advise you to stay away from buying movies. Instagram users are leaning towards it, so if their trust in your channel notices a trend in that sense, they'll take a nap. Targeted promotions are still your best bet.



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