How to add a custom domain name to Blogspot in Blogger blog How to add a domain to the blog Blogspot.Com -> .Com

Hello friends, I hope everyone is well. Those of us who blog or write on blogs. Everyone knows Blogspot is a platform that allows us to create free websites. If you don't know how to create a free website blog, you can also create a website for free by looking at the post.

The website we create from blogger does not have to look like a professional blog because its domain name is just like and if we share this address on a friend or social site, everyone will understand that it is a free blog Will not be attracted. But if we use a domain name in blogspot sign, then should look like this.

Today we will learn step by step how to add custom domain name to blogspot sign in blogger blog. Let's take a look.

What is required to remove blogspot?

If you want to give your blog a beautiful look in Blogspot Sawyer you need two things.

blogger blog must have a free blog. If your blog is not created yet, create a blog in 5 minutes from here.

And I need a domain name, I hope you have bought. If you haven't already, you can see the post on how to buy a domain from Godaddy or Bigrock.

How to add a custom domain name to blogspot in blogger blog?

Friends, I have taken a domain from godaddy, so here I will show you from godaddy. If you have bought a domain from another place, the same rules will work, but the rules are the same, but the rules are the same.

step: 1- First you go to from here to the blog to which you want to add the domain.

Go to settings> Basic.

Click here + set up a third-party URL for your blog.

step: 2- Enter your domain there which you want to add www must give as I have given.
Now click Save from below.

step: 3- After clicking Save here, Error shows that we have not been able to verify authority to this domain.

step: 4- Now go to the website of your domain providers (I am showing from godaddy) in another browser.
Click on your profile icon then click on my product.

Click DNS from here to see your domain.

Step: 5- Now it will open like a list. Click ADD from below.

step: 6- Select CNAME from here.

step: 7- Here we have to add the record shown in step: 3 in our blog.

Enter Host * box www here.

Points to *

TTL * Leave it for 1 hour.

Now save it.

step: 8- Select CNAME by clicking ADD again as before.

Host * Here is the second small record to the left of your blog.

Points to * Here is the big record to the right of your blog.

TTL * Leave it for 1 hour.

Now save it.

step: 9- After the two CNAMEs are added, it will look like this to see if it has been added properly.

step: 10- Now come to your blog and save it from below to to

The finals are over. Domain has now been added to your blog. Domains can take up to 24 hours to become active. Then check your domain once and if it doesn't open, it means you have made a mistake somewhere.

Last word 

Friends, I hope there will be no problem to add a domain to someone's blog. Here I have explained the process of adding a good domain with full skins. Thanks for sharing.



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