Google AdSense How do you start? How to earn?

The digital marketing system called Google AdSense, which was launched 16 years ago, has been acceptable to many people in our country from the very beginning. A lot has changed over time. Now the acceptance of Bangla language has increased among many internet users. The matter has caught the attention of Google AdSense authorities. As a result, Google AdSense changed its previous policy last year to allow it to work better with Google AdSense ads on Bengali-language websites. In such a situation, the interest of both those who are working with Google AdSense and those who are quite interested in it is increasing several times more than before. * This article is published as a cover report of Computer Variety.

A large part of those from our country who are involved in earning foreign currency by working online with the help of a computer and internet line are doing Google AdSense. The digital marketing method called Google AdSense, which was launched 14 years ago, has been acceptable to many people in our country from the very beginning. One of the policies of Google AdSense was to prevent Google AdSense earners in our country. That is to create a website in Bengali language and not be able to work in Google AdSense. In this case, the Google AdSense authorities made it clear that the web application called Google AdSense could not understand the Bengali language. So they do not support the Bengali language. However, those who did well worked by creating websites or blogs in English. A lot has changed over time. Now the acceptance of Bangla language has increased among many internet users. Google AdSense has also noticed the issue. According to him, Google AdSense changed its previous policy last year and allowed it to work better with Google AdSense ads on Bengali language websites. In such a situation, those who are working with Google AdSense, and those who are quite interested in it, the interest of both of them is increasing several times more than before. With the importance of time, we have prepared a cover report for those who are now very interested in Google AdSense.

Why Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a digital marketing method known worldwide. Here marketing is done through online advertising. It is quite easy to have confidence in this marketing method. If you have a website, you can earn through Google AdSense. In order to earn through Google AdSense, you do not have to pay a certain amount of money to the Google AdSense authority. Google AdSense is a web application created by Google. Digital marketing is effective in a special way through this application.

The beginning of Google AdSense

Google AdSense started working on June 17, 2003, 16 years ago today. From the very beginning, many Bangladeshis have been making money through Google AdSense. They are also able to withdraw their earnings from their account while sitting in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, as the days go by, the policy of Google AdSense is getting better and better. At this time, it was seen that about 14 million websites are making money by working with Google Adsense.

How to make money in Google AdSense

Google AdSense will determine how much you earn with Google AdSense ads on your website using CPC or cost per click method. In this way, if you click on the advertisement placed on the web page, a certain amount of dollars or cents will be credited to your account. However, how much money you get if you click on an ad, it will depend on the CTR or the click-through rate of your web page. Now let's go to an example to make the whole thing easier. Suppose you have a Google AdSense ad on one of your web pages. Now that your clickthrough rate is 1%, the page is viewed 400 times per day and 4 clicks are read in the ad. By doing this, your income is $ 1 per click .25 cents. Here you will get more than .25 cents per click only when your page is viewed 400 times per day, more than 4 clicks on the ad will be read or the click throw rate will increase from 1%. As a result, if you see that the page is increased 4 times and is being viewed 4000 times per day, then 40 clicks on the ad while viewing will earn you $ 10 per day. Similarly, if the page is viewed 40,000 times a day and gets 400 clicks on the ad, you will earn $ 100 a day. Lastly, if your CTR or click-through rate is kept at 1%, then if the number of page views increases and the number of clicks on ads increases in the same proportion, then your daily earnings will also increase.

Now, let me give you one more amazing piece of information. You think that your web page is getting good visitors and showing interest every day. But Google AdSense is not interested in clicking on the ad placed in the page. So earning Google AdSense has become a really difficult thing for you. No, you don't have to worry. Google AdSense is here. You can now earn in CPM i.e. Cost Per Impression method. In this case, if you are interested in visiting the web page 1000 times a day, that is, the page is only visited 1000 times, then you can earn 1 dollar without clicking on any type of ad. This way you can earn  30 per month. And if the visitor is 40,000, you can earn ড 120 per month for $ 40 per day.

Earn money from Google AdSense

Money earned through Google AdSense will continue to be credited to your Google AdSense account. You can see it when you go to that account. However, this income will come to you in Bangladesh by check or in your bank account in Bangladesh. When the amount of money earned through Google AdSense reaches ড 10 or more, you can bring it to your country's bank account. There is nothing extra scary here. The matter is very simple. All you have to do is enter your country bank name and bank account number in Google AdSense account in My option. Then order withdrawal. The money will be credited to your bank account within 15 days of ordering.

Finally Google AdSense on Bengali or hindi language website

First of all, since the launch of Google AdSense, their policies have been improving day by day. As part of this, you no longer have to create English language websites to earn money through Google AdSense. You can earn through Google AdSense with the website created in Bengali language. We got this opportunity last year. But yes, you should know that you can expect only Bangladeshis as visitors to the website made in Bengali language. You can't expect people from all countries to be visitors. It can also be said that you will like it. In fact, creating a website published in Bengali language is just as easy as getting visitors from other countries.

All you need to do is work with Google AdSense

Everything you need to work with Google AdSense is at your fingertips. That means nothing is out of reach. You will get the domain and hosting space for the website you need from the organizations involved in web development work in Bangladesh. And you can collect the necessary tools (WordPress, Joomla) for working on web page design and content for free. You will need a Gmail account to apply for Google AdSense in a timely manner once the website is up and running. Nothing more.

If you are interested in signing up for Google AdSense, please visit:

In the context of launching a website

Understand the matter well first. Don't make hasty decisions according to anyone's words. Even if you have 500 articles, many images and YouTube videos on your website, you will not need more than 1 GB of web hosting space. And the number of website articles will not increase in 1 year. So don't forget to hosting more than 1 GB of hosting space for 1 year with extra money. Next year or if you need to take more web hosting space. If you think like this, your domain registration will cost only 2000 rupees. But remember, anything planned is good. So many people decide in advance where to take their website in 5 to 10 years and how much space will be needed for it. They do web hosting and domain registration for 5 to 10 years at a time. This will ensure that your website does not crash indefinitely due to financial constraints or lack of time. Now let's talk about website design. Powerful CMS like WordPress can make this task easier. CMS stands for Content Management System. The updated version can be downloaded for free from the internet. In addition, it is easy to work in WordPress for Google AdSense. Which we are now discussing.

The importance of WordPress to work with Google AdSense

WordPress is a web development tool. This is basically called a content management system tool. WordPress is easy to install and its use for easy web design has made the tool more acceptable. There are a number of WordPress themes that have been built around Google AdSense. One of these themes can be chosen for free. Websites need to be mobile friendly, search engine optimization SEO, reducing website loading speed, stopping unwanted comments, keeping YouTube videos as content, sharing web pages on social media and many more are needed to make Google AdSense effective. There are some WordPress plugins that focus on this, which is really effective. So again you can think of WordPress in website design and development.

Installing WordPress

When you start a website, you will get one more thing as soon as you understand domain registration and hosting space. The name of what you will get is C-panel. You have to login to C-panel. If you want to install WordPress, you can install it in C-panel. When installing WordPress, you must specify the name of your website as soon as you ask for it. Once WordPress is installed, you can choose a WordPress theme and get started. If you work with a beautiful theme, the website will also look quite beautiful. However, it should be noted that the theme is built around Google AdSense. And you will get many themes without worries for free. Getting a list of these is definitely not bad.



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