Amazon Affiliate Marketing (Part 1) - What, Why, How?

Although there are many good resources in English about Amazon affiliate marketing, it goes without saying that there are no free resources in Bengali. Although many of us in the groups have been discussing Amazon affiliations, we have long felt the need for a complete  guideline.

I'm sure those who are interested in working on it also need it.

But it is not possible to explain the matter in very few words, there is a lot to say, there is an opportunity to discuss many things. For this reason, it is easy to say "I will" but difficult to "do".

Writing today, writing tomorrow was no longer happening.

It actually takes a lot of patience to write so much. The problem is that it stops halfway through writing half.

So, today I have made a lot of decisions not to know the basics from the beginning to the end; I will write about them. So that the new people who are interested in this work, at least to get the right guidelines. Do not step on any wrong path. As well as those who know nothing about Amazon affiliations, they should get the basic idea they need in an article.

Moreover, those who are already working, if they have less idea somewhere, they will be able to add that part.

And I thought, it's better to write in a few episodes than to write a huge article.

So, today we will discuss in the first episode - what is Amazon Affiliate Marketing and how to do it; With that.

It will serve as the first foundation for newcomers.

And I went to the main part without delay.

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

When you are an affiliate marketer, you will get commission by marketing and selling other people's products.

That is, you have no product, no product arranger. You will sell his product, in return you will be given a part of the price of that product.

It is a very popular sales strategy to increase product sales online. And Amazon is not far behind. They have created a program to increase the sales of the products on their site.

It's called the Amazon Associates Program.

It is one of the earliest affiliate programs online. They have been successfully managing it for almost a decade.

Simply put, among the billions of products on Amazon, you will promote the product of your choice, if you can sell it, you will get a certain part of the price of that product. How much of that depends on your sales volume.

If you look at the chart below, you can understand how many products you can sell and how much your commission will be.

I get an average of 7.25% per month, God willing, in the coming days it will reach 8.5%.

Update: Amazon recently changed their volume based commission structure. This means that the commission rate does not depend on how many are sold now. Commission structure fixed by category. See the picture below:

There are thousands of affiliate programs online - why Amazon?

There is no one online with so many collections of products like Amazon. In other words, the number of their products is more, so there is more opportunity to promote.

Have you ever noticed the Amazon logo? See, an arrow is seen from A to Z. This means they have everything from A to Z.

You can promote and sell whatever you like in billions of products. Some items are outside the scope of Associates, except for those. There is nothing to worry about, just a few of the items counted by hand.

Amazon is one of the most trusted brands online. People should not think of being cheated before buying anything here. They will not go anywhere with people's money. So if you like a product, people will buy it if the budget matches, don't think.

Amazon's biggest joke is that the product you're promoting doesn't sell you for a commission. If you send Mr. Alu to Amazon to buy Patal, Amazon will give you commission even if he buys shrimp instead of Patal. He will also give you a commission if he does the whole month market within 24 hours.

This means that if you send someone to Amazon, no matter what they buy in 24 hours, you will get a commission.

What could be a bigger reason to work at Amazon? And who said that? Ritimato mamu house whim 6 .

Amazon has a low commission - then?

I gave a chart of commission tires above, you must have seen that the amount of commission paid on Amazon is less.

Why Amazon?

Only if you work in multiple affiliate programs and also work on Amazon, you can understand this. Otherwise it is difficult to explain.

It is a common complaint of all those who do not work at Amazon that the commission is low. There is no benefit in suffering here. But, here are some things to know.

I have worked on multiple affiliate programs. So I know very well that the conversion rate on Amazon is higher than any other site.

This means that if you promote a product of Clickbank or a similar marketplace, you can buy 1-2 people for every 100 people, if it is very good, you can buy 5-6 people. Even in a few shows, no one can buy it.

It is very difficult to get a higher conversion rate.

But if done right, 8-10% conversion on Amazon is not an event. A higher conversion rate is also very normal. I have 12-15% + conversion every month.

So you see, more people are converted to Amazon.

Another thing is that the product that you promote in other marketplaces will only get commission if it is sold, not for anything else.

And what you are promoting on Amazon, you will get commission even if it is a sale, you will get commission even if it is selling another product.

So ultimately the commission is lower but the amount of comparative profit is the highest in Amazon.

And that's exactly why, like me, it will be your favorite affiliate platform.

How to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon affiliate marketing basically you can do 3 ways. However, it is best to work with niche sites and have the opportunity to be relatively more profitable.

Niche site

In this model you have to create a website, which can be called niche site if it is thematic. Nish means small category. Badminton is a niche even though it is a big category in sports and outdoor.

You can sell Amazon products with such a thematic website.

By creating a niche site with badminton, you can sell all kinds of products related to badminton with articles there.

And if you want to work with a little more broad niche, then you can take things that are similar or can be done together. For example, if you work with winter sports, you can work with everything that is played there in winter.

However, for newcomers it is better not to go with multi-niche. Work with single niche, good success can actually do whatever you feel the need to do.

Many people want to buy readymade sites from others because they do not learn the whole thing by themselves. In the first place it is foolish. 

You need to have one or more main buying keywords for niche site, these will be your trump cards. Search volume for main keyword must be at least 720. The maximum earning of your entire site will be through this keyword.

In addition, there should be 4-5 secondary buying keywords. These search volumes start from one and a half hundred and above which can be happy.

There will be some individual product review keywords. For example - "iPhone Seven Plus Review" can be an individual product review keyword. It's something compelling. I feel comfortable giving more informational keyword targeted content than such keywords.

The best way to make a niche site is for Amazon affiliate marketing. By doing search engine optimization on a site, you can get free buying traffic from Google, who will go to Amazon from your site and buy the product.

Click on the links below to see some niche site examples -



Amazon affiliate marketing can also be done through YouTube. Not popular in our country, but many are doing it outside.

If quality video is not guaranteed, then it is better not to do Amazon's work through YouTube. Because when Amazon reviews the channel, there is nothing to do if it bans the account because of low-quality video.

But if you can make good quality videos with your voice over or talk in front of the camera yourself, then you are most welcome.

Some Successful YouTube Channels Who Are Successfully Doing More Affiliates With Amazon Affiliates -

DSLR Video Shooter

The Future Is Now

Ezvid Wiki

Dave Lee Etc...

Amazon Store

In this way you will have a website just like an e-commerce site.

You can show Amazon products here, people can take the product cart just like a normal e-commerce site. When he goes to the payment page, he will be taken to Amazon's payment page. He will pay there and you will get commission.

The Amazon Store tie website basically has to deal with paid traffic. So if you are not a boss in paid targeting, you should not work with this type of site.

I don't have first hand experience with such a site, so I can't give too much information.

Of the methods I mentioned above, the easiest and greatest method is to make a niche site. This is how I do it and this is how Maximum Amazon Affiliate Marketer works.

I have written a brief case study of one of my niche sites in the technical blog. If you haven't read it before, you can read it.

In the next posts, I will give some niche sites to look at as a sample, as well as the steps needed to make a niche site in detail.

What are the prospects for Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

This is a very critical question and many are reading the whole article for this section. If it can be said like the traditional seasonal traders, then it has to be said that "there is immense potential here": p

Not to mention the hypocrisy brand, really. If you can do the right thing by doing proper study, it is possible to earn a good amount of money from here.

I won't show you a thousand dollar dream. If it is 250-300 dollars, it will feed the people of our country without any hesitation. In some cases, the demand may be higher. That is also possible here.

You can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars by Amazon Affiliation. Adequate study must be done for this.

And of course you have to have the mentality to invest. It needs to be treated as a real business. So some investment is required.

You have to invest at least 60 thousand rupees. There are some things that can be done to reduce the cost, but you still have to keep a budget.

If you are good at English and don't have much investment, then you can read my article on how to create a niche site with a budget of only ড 100. Hopefully you will get adequate guidelines.

I know, if someone new has read this article, then a question like how do I earn income will come to mind. I have never publicly revealed how I make income or anything like that. However, I have given income screenshots of one of my many sites more than once. The latest is here.

Given here, the income of the site has increased several times.

So how I earn should be in the imagination of the reader. Needless to say. And in addition to Amazon affiliations, I get some money from a few other sources.

I am a minor marketer. There are many more people who earn a few times more than me.

Another fun thing about Amazon affiliates is that you can sell your niche site for a fairly large amount if you want.

There are several marketplaces for sale - such as Empire's Flippers, FE International Law, Flippa, etc.

You can sell your site by multiplying the average income of the last 3-6 months by 20-30.

In other words, if your site earns 300 per month, then you can sell your site for 8-10 thousand dollars. However, the price depends on a number of other factors, such as the future prospects of the site, the cost of site maintenance, whether there was a PBN in the backlink strategy, and so on.

Even then, if you sell the site, you will get income at least once in the next 20 months. Feel free to invest a large amount to work on a larger scale. Moreover, you can use it to fulfill many of your hobbies, needs and desires.

I will come to you with the second episode in a few days. The more shares, the more interest will come for the new article.



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