Affiliate Marketing - What, Why and How?

The topics we will discuss in this article are-

Basic Concepts About Affiliate Marketing

Introduction and Benefits of Multiple Affiliate Program

Tutorials on how to earn money from Bahubrihi Affiliate Program in 3 easy steps

How to proceed - Affiliate marketing guidelines and tips

Here are some common questions and answers about affiliate programs.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you promote a product / service to your acquaintances, and they listen to you and buy that product / service; Then you will get a fixed portion of the purchase price of that product / service commission. This is affiliate marketing in simple language! The more people who listen to you and buy that product / service, the more commission you will get!

There are three aspects to affiliate marketing:

Merchant - Merchant mainly creates and sells products / services

Customer - They purchase those products / services from the merchant

Affiliate - They promote the merchant's product / service to the customer and when the customer buys that product / service, the affiliate receives some commission from the merchant.

Let's not use the word 'product / service' again and again, let's talk about the premium online courses of Bahubrihi. We constantly create online courses on various topics. Along with us our Freelance Instructor-Rao creates courses and uploads them to our website and we are in charge of managing them at Team Bohubrihi. So Team-Bahubrihi is a merchant here, and the students for whom the courses are made are customers. And our affiliates pass these courses on to students so that more people can learn about our courses. And when students purchase the courses promoted by the affiliates, we give the affiliates 20% commission from the selling price of each course! In other words, if a student buys a course for 1000 rupees through an affiliate, that affiliate will get 200 rupees!

Now I will tell you why KSreenath's affiliate marketing program is so special ..!

20% Affiliate Commission: One of the most popular affiliate programs in Bangladesh is Amazon's affiliate program. Affiliates on Amazon's programs receive commissions ranging from 4% to 10%. Different local e-commerce merchants also pay 5-6% commission on each product to the affiliates. Affiliates are getting 20% ​​commission in Bahubrihi! It is also much more than any other platform in the e-learning industry.

30-day cookie-policy: Explain that if a visitor enters the multiplication by clicking on the referral link provided by you, we save a cookie in his browser for 30 days. If he buys a course within 30 days, we will understand that it was bought with your reference. This means that if someone buys a course even 30 days after coming to Bahubrihi by clicking on your link, you will get a commission. Whereas in the case of Amazon this period is only 1 day (24 hours!).

Fortnightly Commission: That is, we pay commission twice a month!

The biggest thing is that our courses are the best in Bangladesh in terms of quality (everyone says: p)! Although the number of our courses is not very large, we create and do the courses by maintaining the highest quality! There are some demo videos in each course, watching them will give you an idea about the quality!

So how does it actually work? How do I know which affiliate is sold in reference? What should I do as an affiliate?

Step 1 - You need to register as an affiliate in our affiliate program. After that you will have a reference number and various referral links will be created with that number.
Example- The reference number here is 16. So if someone clicks on this link and goes to our website, we will understand that the visitor is visiting the website with reference to the 16th affiliate marketer. These referral links or CREATIVES can be in different formats like text, link, image etc.

Step 2 - Referral link found; This time it has to be spread to the people. Usually most established affiliate marketers have their own audience / fanbase / followers. Some marketers may be blogging, some may be publishing videos on YouTube channels, some may be writing on Facebook or other social media. Every affiliate marketer has to build this audience one way or the other slowly; Or find a way to reach people. Then you have to promote the merchant's product (Bahubrihi's online course) to that audience through the referral link.

Don't think that affiliate marketing can't be done if you don't already have your own followers or audience. No marketer can create this audience overnight. There is a need for time, labor and planning. So if you don't have an audience, or you can't create your own blog, you can start marketing on social media in different groups, pages, timelines, YouTube channels or anyone else's blog.

Step 3 - Now go to sleep! Passive Income which means to earn income even in sleep! Monitor your progress and income after creating an audience and promoting multidisciplinary online courses among them. Bahubrihi's Affiliate Dashboard shows exactly how many people have visited your reference website, how many people have bought the course, how much money you have earned from the commission!

Focus on increasing your audience. And for that, share more and more content in your channels or media and promote multi-faceted online courses in the midst of that content. Content can be of many types, below are some ideas.

Affiliate Marketing Tips - Where and How to Promote!

1. You can open a page on Facebook or other social media. You can write there regularly. You can also do paid advertisement if possible. You can also write in your own timeline. You can also write and promote in different public groups. You can write, or upload videos, or upload pictures!

2. YouTube - Open a channel and upload regular videos there. Create videos on a variety of topics from a specific industry, create videos that benefit people. You can promote polygamous courses in video or video description.

3. Personal Blog / Website - If possible, you can create your own blog or website on social media as well as write there. Publish articles on various topics and promote our courses there. Write articles on various topics that are useful for people to read.

4. Email Marketing - Collect people's email addresses and mobile numbers if possible from blogs or various mediums. Then promote our courses to them at different times via email, SMS. You can use this awesome Free Tool called Mailchimp for email marketing.

What kind of content do you publish?

I would like to emphasize that many types of content can be published. You can get a lot of ideas of content marketing by doing a little research on Google. Here are just a few ideas as examples-

How-to tutorials (videos or articles) on small useful topics

You can write a review on various topics. You can write reviews for our online courses

You can share your experience with any service, such as our online course or platform

We offer courses on many topics. You can create content on topics related to each topic or course. You can talk about why a course needs to be done, how the student will benefit after doing it, who the courses are for.

You can compare our course directly with the course of other platforms and show why we are good

You can also publish the content we share for our marketing

We often offer different discounts or bundles, you can promote them




I hope you understand - even if you do not have previous experience, big budget, too much time and opportunity to work hard, it is possible to earn a lot of money per month by promoting our courses to the people in the neighborhood on a small scale. If you do not have the desire or plan to become a full-time affiliate marketer, it is still possible to earn some extra! Because the whole process of our multifaceted affiliate program is easy and hassle free. Bank account, PayPal, MasterCard, Pioneer are not a problem. It is not necessary to have a lot of fanbase or audience in the beginning. If you don't have a blog, website, you can't make videos on YouTube, you can earn money just by having a Facebook page or promoting to the people around you!

Some Common Questions and Answers on Affiliate Marketing

কত How much does it cost to be an affiliate?

It doesn't cost us money to be an affiliate; You can register for free as an affiliate. Besides, there is no minimum sales limit, you will get commission on as much as you sell.

কত How much money can I expect to earn?

It's entirely up to you. Your earnings depend on your recommended sales. We pay 20% commission for each cell. The more you recommend, the more sales you will have, the more your earnings will increase.

✓ How long will it take?

It will also depend entirely on your skills and experience. If you have no previous experience, you can spend at least 1-2 hours a day. You can give more or less time based on what kind of results are coming.

✓ Is my website or blog eligible for your affiliate program?

Almost all websites or blogs are eligible for our affiliate program. However, if your blog / page / website / channel contains any kind of controversial or illegal content, we can cancel the membership.

What do I actually share?

It's completely up to you. You can share links to any of our courses. Or you can share the link of Bahubrihi's homepage.

What are the rules of payment? How is the payment made?

We pay affiliates twice a month. 14th and 26th of every month. You can take payment only if your income exceeds Rs.2000. Payment methods include bKash and Rocket.

How do I get involved in a multifaceted affiliate marketing program?

Go to the registration page by clicking on the red button below and fill out the registration form and wait for our email. We will notify you by email within 2-3 days after verifying your application.



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