Affiliate Marketing: Some Sources Available

In this previous tutorial, we have introduced the benefits of your blog using authorized marketing. In this new tutorial, we will explore the terms of affiliate marketing and how affiliate programs work.

Affiliate Marketing Terms :

Before jumping into Bandwagon, there are some conditions that you need to familiarize yourself with if you decide to monetize your blog through authorized marketing:

Attachment Links - These links are integrated into the Blogger site provided by the company that will redirect users to the company's website where their products are displayed. In addition to the website it can be a search page or section. These authorized links follow your users from their website to their website so that your commission can be held accountable to you.

Affiliate Products - Products or services are promoted and advertised on the Blogger page, resulting in you earning commissions. Products can be made depending on your choice or target customer.

Affiliate Program - Before considering promoting a product, first look for authorized companies that promote their products and in return pay Blogger a commission or free listing.

Authorized Networks - There are websites that bring together website publishers and advertisers (companies that provide authorized programs). This network runs fully authorized programs for network organizations. Publishers can visit these networks to discover the different companies that provide authorized companies.

Commission - The earnings you receive each time you click on your authorized link. This is either in the form of a fixed fee or a percentage of the sale. This should usually be known in advance before joining pre-recognized and approved programs.

Where to find affiliate marketing programs ?

Affiliate marketing programs are available on approved networks such as CJ Affiliate Converter (formerly known as Commission Junction), LinkShare, ClickBank, ShareASale, Amazon Associates, eBay & Envato. You can apply to these authorized networks depending on their requirements.

For example, in CJ Affiliate Conversations you can easily set up your account, but once you find the companies or products you want, you need to connect with individual companies on the network.

At Amazon Associates, the request will not be reviewed until you have made your first commission which means it may deny you and you may not earn your first commission.

However, once your application is approved, there is no need to re-apply to promote Nike, Disney products and more.

Personal affiliate programs are companies that offer authorized programs. There are a variety of affiliate programs, such as HostGator, Fiverr, Nike, Apple, Disney, etc. Knowing the different types of them, they will give you the best option to choose which program is best for you.



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