10 Essential Rules for Effective Instagram Marketing

2020 Instagram year. According to Statista, the platform ranks among the top 6 leading social networks in the world, bloggers from various niches with 1 billion monthly active accounts have used it to reach thousands of followers and increase interaction between both their channels and blogs.

If you decide to create Instagram on your main social media marketing channels or just a small traffic-generation platform, learning how to use it will only work to your advantage.

I interviewed a few bloggers who successfully used Instagram to increase their audience and how they did it. In this post, you will learn about the ways Instagram works for their marketing efforts.

1. Start with the basics

Shila Flores, an Instagram power user with @sheilaflores__ 20k followers, gives you a few brutally honest tips to get you started with a punch:

Before you start growing an [Instagram] account, you need to be clear about your expectations. Once you know what your account is about, you'll know which followers you're interested in offering.

Briefly basic:

You need to be clear about your niche

Your goal is to be clear about the audience

Create an interesting organic

Regular post content content

Stay in your niche - don’t derail

Use the right hashtag

The next point will elaborate and explain these basics.

2. Understand your target audience :

You can’t omit an accurate analysis of the audience you want to reach on Instagram if you want the platform to work for you - and most of all, you need to find at least a portion of your target audience on Instagram.

Mark Verkhovski, owner of the American Webmasters Association (AWA), uses the AWA strategy to make Instagram work for their brand:

Instagram is a unique platform with a major focus on giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to tell rich, visual stories. What many web professionals don’t realize is that Instagram is a great platform for marketing, not just for young people. So they don’t really pay attention to this social network.

Understanding your audience is important for your promotions and visibility, and the # 1 is the only way to try all your work.

Tania de Cruiseff, a blogger and creative artist and owner of িটtwinklytanya Instagram account at Twinkleitia.com, emphasized consistency as an essential feature of your feed:

Make sure your feed is consistent. Those who are interested in my art didn’t care what I did for lunch yesterday. I prefer feeds that have a specific color scheme or one that is recognized as a custom background or props.

Once you've identified your target audience on Instagram, make sure the views you've shared on your feed make sense for your followers and engage and engage them in your future updates. A created sequence is also a great way to do it - whatever you’re already doing for your blog, and it will work on Instagram as well.

3. Leverage your bio, photos and stories

Your bio, your photos and new items in your feed, including Instagram Stories, are the first things Instagram users will see after loading your profile, so if people want to follow your channel, they make an impression even better.

Influential roundups expert Minuca Elena explains how you can write an effective organic to attract followers and direct them to your blog, and discuss the role of personal images in your feed:

Each social network attracts a different kind of visitors. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are a great fit for bloggers who rely heavily on visual content. Sites from the bottom like fashion, travel, home decor, garden, food, photography attract a lot of traffic to their blog.

In 2016, Instagram updated its algorithm to show that only newsfeeds seem more interesting, usually get the most engagement (opinions, opinions, opinions), and those who are involved with noun or style users.

It opens up an interesting marketing strategy to try on Instagram:

Leverage Boomerang video (video chased after playing normally for a few seconds, a fun Instagram feature that users like)

Your audience is the most acceptable post scheduled to go live during the day

You know that special content posts will grab their attention

Quick comments or at least "like" them a "heart" .

4. Build relationships with other Instagrammers

Other Instagram users may or may not be your competition, but you can't go wrong building relationships - whether they're new followers (and blog readers) or lead partnerships.

Shila Flores recommends that you take the time to comment on sharing accounts and their visuals of the same interests:

Once you're happy with the look of your profile, it's time to start growing [the audience]. My advice is to engage: Accounts with the same interests as you, like their pictures, comment on as many pictures as you can.

5. Live links do not mean promotion

Since Instagram does not allow links to posts, it is essential to add links and CTA to the graphic (infographics style). For example:

Also, take advantage of your other social channels to share and post your Instagram images and videos. Advantage You'll be able to add direct links to your other channels, thus increasing your visibility and getting more conversions for your particular content.

6. Brand your pictures and videos

Since Instagram is a visionless platform and you can't add direct links to your blog content, the images you add to your posts need to be effectively branded.

Check out this example from McDonald's:

7. Use hashtags to your advantage

The way you find and connect to posts on Instagram using hashtags, it will work better if you interact with other Instagram users using the same hashtag before posting.

However, you want to avoid crowded hashtags, just as you want to avoid highly competitive keywords when optimizing your blog posts for search engines.

Tania de Crujif shares the strategy for choosing the right hashtags for your content:

If you want to be notified on Instagram, you can't go without [hashtags]. But not only do you have to use them, you have to use them properly. Adding generic hashtags like #Travel, #food or #cats won't do you any good. For those hashtags that are used frequently, your post will disappear into the depths of Instagram in seconds.

8. Make it easy for brands (and yourself) to advertise on Instagram

You can earn money with Instagram to get brands to advertise on your channel and at the same time you can find Instagram accounts to increase your traffic and advertise for your branding efforts.

Ivan Kostadinov, the main local fame of the given search, offers you that

Be more proactive and post more often or at least on a regular basis because people can actually check out the beautiful content on Instagram.

Also hashtags are a kind of big thing. Each niche has its own sentence structure - a set of words that people use to describe this particular subject.

The advice given in the previous point applies. You really want to take the brand and the business you want for their impact marketing campaign.

9. Be active in blogger communities

Tania De Cruyff Point explained in an interview with #XNX and as I mentioned the free traffic method post here on WHSR, Facebook groups are entirely dedicated to Instagram promotion.

Instagram Posse, one of the largest and most active groups in this sense, is a community for Instagrammers to help them engage with each other and increase the number of followers. As of September XNMMX, the number of 2016+ member groups in the Beauty, Travel and Parenting niche. Instagram poses work for the convenience of users with engagement poses, XNUMX-day challenges and comment pods to create account critiques.

The group has its own hashtag on Instagram to increase community growth. In fact, hashtags are also created for on-platform communities and exist extensively for bloggers: #bloggersLife, #problogging, #businessbloggers, #blogging bootcamps and more.

Be aware of the requirements and rules that each community brings. For example, Instagram posts have self-promotion rules, 'follow me' requests and business requests. Other communities will allow some self-promotion, but you still have to comply with the host's rules.

Be very careful for Instagram contests and linkups - they are good opportunities for networking. You can create groups, competitions and linkups yourself.

10. Use intelligent Instagram search

Search for hashtags, influencers (often, with a verified icon next to their name, such as @ BusinessSyncider) and your small niche or industry small account.

The first result in an Instagram search will always be the active hashtag followed by the most active accounts by starting with these top profiles and then narrowing down to hashtags and accounts that are usually attached to the posts you find - running in small numbers.

Needless to say, your search on Instagram should focus more on hashtags than on accounts, because hashtags are the focal point of Instagram activity and where you find people in your niche.



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